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The ultimate e-book for faster weight loss and free access to a 4-week video exercise programme!


Looking for a quick solution? Our 30-day bundle is all you need.

  • Flushes 27%* of excess water out of the body
  • More than 60%* decrease in bloating
  • Backed by decades of research.
  • Regenerates the liver for more effective fat loss
  • Scientifically proven effect


*[Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.]


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Sufficient for 30 days

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What are your 2 biggest enemies? Excess fat and excess water.

Attack them both with this genius combo. Burn away body fat with L-Carnitine Max Power and lose water weight instantly with TurboFix.


Containing guarana and the purest L-Carnitine on the market, Max Power will torch through your body fat. Your metabolism speed will be off the charts. TurboFix draining drink will relieve you of water weight, fast. For an instant body-sculpting effect and a flat stomach in no time!

Only the best ingredients – proven, tested and maximally dosed!

  • Fat-burning during rest

  • 5 times more weight lost

  • 16% more fat burned

  • Eliminates 27% of excess water

  • Reduces bloating and swelling by 60%,

  • Optimises muscle-to-fat ratio for a firmer body.


“I work in a warehouse, so I try to spend a lot of my free time outdoors. I love hiking and going on long walks with my wife. I also play football and tennis. I found PowGen products L-Carnitine Max Power and Turbo Fix online and I quickly saw that they work!

I feel much more energised and the swelling around my stomach has disappeared. My metabolism has improved and, most importantly, I lost quite a few pounds in the first month. The effects were immediate and I’m convinced I’ll now be able to reach higher mountain tops and have longer walks.“

- Franci


"The bloating feeling disappeared, I felt better and my physical fitness level improved. My stomach is smaller and I sweat less! I noticed changes after only 2 weeks of regular use! My old trousers fit me again. I lost 29 lbs (13 kg) in 1 month.

I finally feel fitter and I want to get even better results!"

- Uroš


Eliminate bloating and fat with this monthly bundle. You will have more energy every day and a fantastic body!

Instant sculpting effect

Annihilate fat

Boost metabolism

Lose more weight


L-CARNITINE MAX POWER – faster fat burning and boosted energy levels!

Swiss quality Carnipure™ with pure L-Carnitine is backed by decades of research! Also enriched with metabolism-boosting guarana extract.

Its thermogenic effect will work whether you go to the gym every day or every decade!

TURBO FIX turbo-powered diuretic drink for fast results!

Just 1 drink per day will flush out your water weight, instantly sculpt your body and boost your main fat-burning organ – the liver.

Prickly pear, dandelion, parsley, artichoke, sarsaparilla root, milk thistle, Java tea and red vine leaf extracts will change your life. Natural raspberry flavour, sugar free and fewer than 4 calories!

L-Carnitine Max Power

Capsules that incinerate body fat!

  • 5x faster* fat burning

  • 16%* more fat burned

  • Get more results from less exercise

  • Torch through body fat with a powerful thermoburner effect

  • Boost your endurance and energy

L-Carnitine Max Power ingredients

Turbo Fix

Dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in 1 litre of water and drink it in the morning for a sculpted look that will make your muscles more visible!

  • Eliminates excess water from the body

  • Awakens the lymphatic system - eliminates toxins from the body

  • Gets rid of swelling and bloating

  • Instant slimming effect thanks to new ingredients

  • Keeps your electrolyte balance intact

Turbo Fix ingredients

How to use:

1-101 sachet of TurboFix/
1-30/2 capsules of L-Carnitine Max power

Turbo Fix Water Drainer IMPROVED

1 sachet

During the morning

L-Carnitine Max Power

2 capsules

After a meal