5 signs that toxins may be blocking weight loss (and what can be done about it)

Not being able to lose weight is unfair! Here is how to make it right in 10 days.


Due to low-quality food, poor lifestyle habits and a toxin-full environment of a modern world,  having a body overburdened with toxins is very common. Unfortunately.

The human body is well-equipped for toxin elimination. Lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, digestive system are all working together to keep the body healthy, fit, free of excess fat and any build-up of toxins.

Having said that, the human body was never supposed to battle SO MANY toxins, bacteria, xenohormones and pollution. When too many toxins pile up, it's time to intervene.

If you're experiencing 2 or more of the below symptoms, detox is a smart idea:

  • You are accumulating fat around your waist.
  • You simply cannot lose weight or at least not a substantial amount
  • You are tired all the time.
  • You're bloated and your limbs are swollen often.
  • Your skin lacks that healthy glow.
  • Cellulite is noticeable (women, sometimes men also).

Wondering how toxic overload in your body and weight gain are connected?

It's simple – when the body cannot eliminate harmful micro-elements efficiently and quickly enough, we hide toxins away to protect ourselves.

When toxins are not removed, fat cells come to protect us from the harmful impact and encapsulate the offending matter.

Put simply, we hide toxins in our excess body fat.

If this excess fat is not removed, the problem simply advances to the next stage (think inflammation) where we store even more fat and toxin elimination gets even more difficult.

To lose weight would mean melting the cells where toxins are locked up. And your body does not want to free them.

How to flush out toxins and lose weight then?

Since gaining weight and pilling up toxins are tightly connected and complement each other, it's best to detox and lose weight at the same time.

  • The better we are at eliminating toxins, the less fat we'll need to store.

  • The more fat we melt, the more toxins we'll be able to flush out.

IMPORTANT: It is very important that your elimination (detoxification) organs are working properly so the toxins escaping melted body fat can leave the body as soon as possible. This must be your top priority! This is the only thing your body wants and is willing to do: free the jailed toxins – if you make sure they leave its territory quickly and safely.

How to flush out your toxins quickly and safely?

As mentioned, in order to lose weight efficiently and flush out toxins as fast as possible, we need to reboot our elimination organs and systems.

First, we must focus on rebooting the lymphatic system and digestion.

The lymphatic system is a passive sister of the cardiovascular system that recycles blood plasma. It's responsible for the removal of waste and excess water from the tissues (including excess fat), returning the material that’s valuable to the body and supporting the immune system.

If the lymphatic system is not working properly, it’s like a clogged toilet if you don’t mind the analogy. You cannot flush the toilet if the water inside does not flow fast enough.

We cannot flush out toxins with a lazy lymph

Because lymph (the liquid, the medium of the lymphatic system) is not pumped and pushed like blood (the liquid, the medium of the cardiovascular system) by the heart, it can get lazy (overburdened). We must help it sometimes.

If you're struggling with stubborn body fat and don't know what else to do, waking up your lymphatic system and flushing toxins and excess fat out of your body should be your priority.

This is what you can do to wake up your lymphatic system and ease into weight loss.

Get moving, start jumping!

The lymphatic system is passive, but it can be boosted by simply jumping or running every day. If you're not able to run or use a jump rope, you can use a mini rebounder.

Regular exercise or long-term activity like walking or cycling for 90 minutes can effectively boost fat burning and metabolism also.

The veg and fruit stuff again...

There is no way around this – we need fruit and vegetables in our diet. Not only are they packed with antioxidants, but they are also rich in water and fibre which you need for proper waste elimination. The more colours you can include, the better. Start with some mixed berries, dark leafy greens and citruses.

...and the 'drink more water' mantra.

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. Among other roles it has in our body, it’s also a medium for blood, lymph, urine and stools. The more water you’re able to get

in, the more water (urine and stools, together with toxins and waste material) your body will be able to flush out.

25 g of fibre for women, 38g of fibre for men – daily!

That’s the official nutritional recommendation and it has nothing to do with the diet you’re following. High-carb, low-carb, low-fat or high-protein…it does not matter! Sufficient daily intake of fibre is extremely important for bodyweight management, keeping your cardiovascular system healthy and eliminating toxins and harmful elements quickly and efficiently.

Diuretic supplements

Because of everything we’ve discussed so far, it’s clear why diuretics are picking up in popularity as a weight-loss supplement. The best diuretics on the global market wake up the lymphatic system and support elimination organs by using natural ingredients.

Our best diuretic drink by far is Turbofix and has been our #1 top seller for almost 2 years now.

Turbo fix shots are a sucralose-sweetened natural blend drink that comes in 10 vials. You will love their delicious natural raspberry flavour.

Because it’s packed in a vial, we were able to put more valuable ingredients in a single serving than other products offered in a capsule. Therefore, we were able to include a range of natural ingredients that support the liver, kidneys and healthy digestion.

Yes, TurboFix is a diuretic that gently supports the liver as well. The liver is a fat-burning organ and it is one of the biggest actors in your weight-loss journey

Turbo Fix is incredibly powerful in eliminating excess water and toxins, that's why some people use it for just 10 days. We also have many customers that use it for as long as they are on a diet - to make sure toxins from melter fat leave the body as soon as possible and don't block their weight loss.

Turbo fix removes 27% of excess water which results in a substantial and fast drop in body weight.

"I wanted fast results, so I chose TurboFix to lose weight and transform my body. I noticed the first results very quickly. I eliminated a lot of excess water and reduced swelling. I don't feel tired and I don't have any more hunger pangs." - Mitja

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