5 signs you might need a liver detox

Our bodies are incredible machines – some parts we see working all the time, and some we’re aware of less often. But there is one organ that does its job incessantly, though quietly. And it’s actually our biggest internal organ – that’s right, the liver


We tend to overlook the liver more often than not, but it truly is a remarkable organ – did you know that it performs over 500 vital functions 24 hours a day? That’s why your liver needs to be on top of its game! 

Why the liver has to work properly 

Your liver plays an important role in your health and well-being. It filters toxins, produces bile, metabolises proteins and carbohydrates, eliminates waste, and even regulates hormone levels. The liver is extraordinarily important because everything we put into our bodies must be filtered so that toxins and waste can be separated and flushed out of the body before they can cause any damage. 

A healthy liver is the key to a healthy body! When it’s overworked or overburdened, it won’t work fast enough, and we might experience toxin buildup, causing all sorts of health issues.  

Do you need a liver detox?

All our organ systems are connected, meaning that an overburdened liver will impact other organs as well, and you may feel the effects of it in your body and your mind. Even though there are a number of signs and symptoms that can indicate an overburdened liver, we might not always consciously link them to it! 

If you’re not sure whether you need to re-evaluate your liver health, here are the 5 signs you might need a liver detox – although a detox is never a bad idea! 

1. You’re tired ALL THE TIME 

In metabolic processes, the liver is responsible for converting dietary fibre and carbs into energy. But when it’s overloaded with toxins and it has to do more work, it’s forced to use up that energy instead of providing it to the rest of the body. Your energy levels inevitably drop, and you may feel weak and tired even without doing any heavy lifting. 

2. You’re growing a beer belly 

Being the essential part of all metabolic processes and creating energy from food, it’s no surprise that the liver plays a big role in your ability to lose weight. When your liver’s efficiency is reduced, your body will accumulate fat – typically around your abdomen – instead of converting it into energy. And any weight-loss attempts will be futile until your liver’s health is back on track. 

3. Your digestion is terrible

A bloated and upset stomach, slow digestion... Many people have difficulty digesting foods due to a poorly functioning liver! When overworked, your liver will produce less bile, which is necessary to break down fats during digestion. And if your body can’t break down your food properly, you may suffer from digestive issues. 

4. You’re catching colds way too often

Yes, your liver also fights off infections, and it’s a frontline immune tissue! Just like the rest of the harmful toxins, it detects pathogens and then filters them out. Now think about when it can’t do that fast – your immune function is hindered, and your body won’t fight off that cold as effectively. 

5. Your skin is screaming for help

When your liver isn’t in top form, it doesn’t eliminate waste properly, and there will be a toxin buildup that needs to be taken care of. Another way for your body to eliminate waste is through the skin, which may result in skin issues, such as breakouts, irritation, and rashes. 

How to keep your liver fit

Liver health is pretty straightforward – in order to not burden it, it’s crucial to minimise the harmful substances you put into your body: 

  • Eat a healthy diet – make sure you get enough fibre, lean protein, and healthy fats.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Eliminate or reduce alcohol.
  • Limit environmental toxins from various chemicals, such as cleaning products. 

Another important aspect is to try to minimise the risk factors for an overburdened liver – keep your weight under control and stay active!   

Detox with a natural-based liver supplement! 

When it comes to liver health, there are three ingredients that come out on top – milk thistle, artichoke, and dandelion. Each has scientific backing for its ability to protect and support the liver and detoxify your body.  

Mr Liver combines all three – for the most powerful and efficient liver reset! Accelerate the liver’s detoxifying abilities, decrease fatty substances in the blood, and improve digestion.

Catch the special deal on Mr Liver and take care of your liver health today!

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