9 ways to detoxify your body

With summer around the corner, we're already thinking about shredding our bodies, and what better way to achieve results than with a good detox. There are some tried and tested detox method that increase your chances of returning to the beach looking and feeling your best!

Let's dive in!


1. Hydrate

Your first step to flush out those toxins that have built up during the winter should be increasing your hydration. Cut down on sugar-sweetened beverages and opt for water (add some fruits and herbs for more flavour) or make herbal tea.

2. Get a good night's sleep

Maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm is vital for your body. Ensuring a good night's sleep every night will also allow your brain to recharge and detox. Research** suggests that over the night, the brain also removes toxic waste by-products that have accumulated throughout the day.

3. Cut down the processed foods and sugar

No, we're not talking about consuming nothing but celery juice and munching on kale salad – we're not monsters! But reducing the processed foods and sugars in your diet is one of the more efficient ways to detoxify your body naturally.

4. Reduce salt intake

Even though you've already cut out highly processed foods (they are usually loaded with sodium) from your diet, try to reduce salt intake as well. When cooking, try experimenting with spices and herbs - they will give your meals more flavour, and you will consume less salt.

5. Add antioxidant-rich foods 

Detox is not only about cutting certain foods - what we put into our bodies is equally important. Antioxidants can remove damaging toxins from the body and defend cells from the harm caused by free radicals. Update your grocery shopping list with green leafy vegetables, berries, beans, grains and – wait for it - dark chocolate.

6. Add prebiotic foods

The fibre in the prebiotic foods will feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. A healthy digestive system will also keep your immune and detoxification systems healthy. Foods rich in prebiotics include onions, garlic, leeks, artichoke, asparagus, bananas, oats and barley.

7. Limit alcohol

Take the burden off your liver and lower your alcohol intake. With no need to metabolize alcohol, your liver will be able to perform its necessary tasks (including stabilizing blood sugar, filtering waste and other toxins) more efficiently.

8. Get active

You might be cutting out processed foods and alcohol from your regime, but you don’t cut out your exercise. Working up a good sweat will help with the detox. Exercising will stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system, improve the function of kidneys, digestive tract, lungs and liver – they all help eliminate toxins from your body and boost fat loss.

9. Try PowGen's brand new Alpha Detox

Last but certainly not least, try the brand new Alpha Detox with carefully selected natural ingredients to help you detoxify and burn fat faster.

Alpha Detox is a natural lemon drink with 3 most popular detox ingredients on the market (milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke) and fat-burning premium star decaffeinated green tea, this unique high-fibre drink with prebiotic activity will feed the good gut bacteria, support your gut health and support the main detox organs.

The time to detox and lose fat is NOW – and with the right dietary supplements, you're already half way there!


**Eugene, Andy R, and Jolanta Masiak. “The Neuroprotective Aspects of Sleep.” MEDtube science vol. 3,1 (2015): 35-40.