Body fat or water weight: 3 things that cause it and 3 ways to prevent it

Good morning, world, good morning, scales…

While weight fluctuations are normal, they can be super discouraging - especially when you're just embarking on a weight-loss journey. Sure, there is no one without fat tissue, but how much do you really have? And is it all fat, or is some of it water?


What is water weight exactly?

About 50 % of our body is made of water and when the hydration levels are off, our bodies try to retain the water - and the fluid builds up within the body (instead of going to the kidneys and out of our body). Water retention is a common health issue. But the excess water also kills your weight loss efforts! It builds up in your stomach, face and limbs and forces you to stay bloated even though you might be losing fat.

3 things that can cause water weight

1. Salt

Salt (sodium, to be exact) causes fluid retention and water weight, because the sodium in salt binds to water in your body. Even though sodium is an important electrolyte, and it is essential for normal body processes, consuming excess sodium leads to water retention.

2. Lack of movement

A sedentary lifestyle, sitting or standing in place for too long or minimal activity, can also cause fluid retention in the body and result in water weight. The inactivity makes it harder for the lymphatic system to do its work and remove the excess fluid from our bodies.

3. Travel

With the weather warming up, we start taking more trips, and unknowingly we can gain some water weight. How? Sitting for long periods, like on longer flights or lengthy road trips, can reduce your blood and lymphatic circulation and result in unwanted fluid retention.

3 easy ways to reduce water weight

1. Dietary changes

Reducing salt intake is a no-brainer. But think wider - it's not only salt, sodium is also hidden in processed foods. Lay off the processed foods, stick to whole, unprocessed foods and include healthy swaps.

2. Drink more water

Even though it may sound counter-intuitive, it's actually not. The thing is, dehydration can cause your body to hold on to that water. In addition to that, drinking more water will improve kidney function and flush out excess water.

3. Try Turbo Fix

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*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.