Intense fat burning with very little physical activity? It's possible!

Want to lose weight and sculpt the body? Physical activity is always a great idea because increasing muscle mass means burning more calories. However, many of us struggle with a lack of time and would love a shortcut - a quick workout that provides the same results as a long one. And luckily, a shortcut does exist!


The best fat-burning shortcut, even during short workouts, is L-carnitine! It is a short-chain amino acid that plays the role of a truck driver in our body: transporting fat to the "energy factory" cells in our body (the mitochondria). Put simply, without carnitine burning fat to produce energy simply wouldn't be possible.

Losing 5x more weight while exercising

By adding carnitine, we can stimulate the body to turn fat into energy. And when we exercise, we're rewarded faster! Clinical studies show that the PowGen X-Treme Burner capsules guarantee extraordinary results:

  • help the body burn more fat during training, instead of using glycogen-derived energy (most common with medium or high-intensity workouts),
  • significantly decrease appetite thanks to Garcinia Cambogia,
  • accelerate the burning of fats and calories thanks to the thermogenic effect of caffeine,
  • raise energy levels, making exercise easier and more efficient
  • boost metabolism thanks to green tea,
  • prevent the accumulation of new fat deposits,
  • boost fat burning 24/7.

These exceptional results are possible thanks to the highest-quality natural ingredients: L-carnitine, caffeine, green tea, Garcinia Cambogia, chromium and B complex.

Are PowGen X-Treme Burner capsules right for you?

If you recognise yourself in at least 2 of the following statements, you need PoweGen X-Treme Burner in your life:

  • You want to make the most of your workouts (lose fat and weight faster).
  • You want to achieve long-lasting results in a shorter period of time (same results with less exercise).
  • You would like to have more energy and strength to exercise.
  • You would like to sculpt your body.
  • You would like to avoid extreme hunger after workouts (which leads to binge eating and nullifies results).
  • You're looking for a natural product that stimulates metabolism and fat burning.