How to stay fit in the heat

Once the summer is in full swing, and the temperatures are ever-rising it may feel like working out in this unbearable heat is unreasonable. But we’re here to tell you that it’s nothing to fear if you do it carefully. These tips and tricks can help you beat the summer heat & stay fit without overwhelming your body in the process.


1. Drink enough fluids

Drinking plenty of fluids on the day of physical activity and the day before will help you stay hydrated and thus maintain a healthy body temperature. Water is life, but electrolytes help! Make sure to have an electrolyte-rich drink on hand during or after exercise to replenish what you’ve lost via sweating.

2. Exercise in the morning or evening

If you plan to work out outdoors, try to do it in the early morning or evening, so you avoid the midday heat. Many athletes swear by morning workouts to stay energised throughout the day and sleep better at night.

3. Wear the right clothes

Lightweight, loose-fitting, breathable clothing in bright colours allows for better airflow, reflects the sun and helps you stay cool. Go with cotton clothing, or better yet, sweat-wicking fabrics which will also help keep you dry.

4. SPF-up!

When working out outdoors, make sure to use waterproof broad-spectrum sunscreen, ideally with SPF 50. What you want is high, long-lasting protection that won’t come off once you start sweating. Sunburns can not only result in skin health issues, but can also affect your ability to cool down and lead to dehydration.

5. Make sure to cool off

Drink water, take a cold shower or cover your body in cold, wet towels. Just make sure to do it gradually; going from scorching heat to icy cold too quickly could put you at risk of cold shock. Also, consider switching up your workout routine by adding some water activities, like swimming, instead of running – it may help you stay cool even while working out.

6. Don’t overdo it

Pay attention to how you feel and don’t push your limits – this is not the time. Prolonged high-intensity exercise combined with a refusal to stop (even when your body is screaming for help) can quickly result in heat exhaustion or even a full-blown heatstroke. Don’t let yourself get to this point, and stop immediately if you begin to feel unwell.**

7. Flush out excess water

Did you know that in the summer, your weight can increase by a couple of kilos due to increased water retention? This is triggered by fluid-conserving hormones, which decrease the amount of salt in sweat and enable the kidneys to retain more fluid. Flush out excess water & reveal your muscles thanks to a targeted supplement that works against water retention.

PowGen Turbo Fix – extra strong drink against water retention

Thanks to a powerful mix of ingredients, PowGen Turbo Fix is the fastest-acting natural body-sculpting drink on the market. Just 1 PowGen Turbo Fix a day can help:

  • Flush out excess water and toxins
  • Support weight loss
  • Make your muscles more visible
  • Deliver visible results within 1* week

And there’s more! Since it contains magnesium, it even supports your electrolyte balance – crucial for replenishing your post-exercise electrolyte stores. Drink it in the morning and combine it with exercise for best results.

*The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

**If not before, it is crucial that you stop at the first sign of muscle cramping, light-headedness, weakness, dizziness, tiredness, sickness, or paleness of the skin. Find an air-conditioned space and cool down with whatever means available – cool water, wet towels and ice packs can help, just make sure to do it gradually to prevent giving a shock to your body. Make sure to seek immediate medical help to prevent any possible complications.

Needless to say, don’t start to work out if you feel unwell as it is, and consult your doctor about having to follow any additional precautions if you have a medical condition and/or take prescription medication.

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