A keto diet makes no sense without L-Carnitine

Experts have revealed that we can start lacking L-carnitine on a keto diet. This poses a problem because L-carnitine is essential for fat burning. Why does this happen and what can youdo?


Amino acid L-carnitine is essential for fat burning. The function of L-carnitine is to transport fat to the mitochondria, the area of the cell where oxidation (burning) happens. Only then can fat be used to generate energy.

Under normal circumstances, L-carnitine deficiency is rare if the diet is varied and balanced. However, the need for L-carnitine increases so much on a keto diet that supply often fails to meet demand.

No L-carnitine, no fat burning

The aim of the keto diet is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase the intake of proteins and fats. In this way, we force the body to consume fat as the first source of energy. Consequently, we begin to lose excess weight, which is stored as fatty tissue. But if there is no L-carnitine, fat burning stops.

That is why you will notice that your keto diet no longer gives the desired results after a certain amount of time.

Why do we start to lack L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is a semi-essential amino acid. This means that we can produce a certain amount ourselves. If the optimal conditions are met, 25% of the daily requirement occurs in the liver and kidneys, whilst the rest comes from food.

This means that 2 conditions must be met for the body to receive a sufficient amount of L-carnitine:

1) We have to eat enough essential nutrients

To be able to form in the body, you have to get plenty of amino acids methionine, lysine and 3 vitamins that are co-factors in their synthesis: vitamins B3, B6 and C.

If we eliminate carbohydrates from the menu, we risk not getting enough of these vitamins.

For our body to produce L-carnitine, we need iron, which we generally eat in a varied diet.

2) Good liver function

The main source of L-carnitine are products of animal origin, especially meat. The intestines have to function optimally for L-carnitine to absorb. The liver and kidneys have to function optimally for their own synthesis.

All this seems obvious, however, it isn't as simple as that. According to official data, as many as 25% of people in the developed world have a fatty liver. According to other sources, this number is even higher at 35%. This means that the liver does not function optimally. It may also mean that the body does not produce enough L-carnitine.

Take advantage of L-carnitine now to burn fat and increase muscle mass

In the world of sport nutrition, L-carnitine is a well-known supplement for increasing endurance and improving regeneration after exercise. Combined with guarana, it is a top-notch aid for burning fat and shaping the body, especially if you do sport.

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