How to make New Year's resolutions fail

2023 is here, which means it’s time to write your New Year’s resolutions!

Losing belly fat, adding more weight training or eating better, whatever your ambitions are, you probably know New Year’s resolutions are much easier to break than they are to make.


Motivation is key!

''I know what I want to achieve, but for some reason, I’m not seeing any results! is more common than you would imagine. Thousands of men like you set their body goals in January but give up along the way because the results aren’t convincing.

It can be done, but it is essential that you understand what the most common deal-breakers are.

Exercising too much or not at all

One of the reasons why many resolutions fail is because people train too hard or not at all.

Professionals suggest we take it easy. The old saying no pain, no gain is something you should erase from your mind. Going overboard will certainly backfire. Do yourself a favour and just start moving a bit more.

Opt for moderate workouts. Instead of hard-core sessions, add a fat burner that boosts your metabolism. PowGen’s Easy Burn burns 24% more fat* for several hours while keeping your muscle mass intact.

Too much white fat in our body

The so-called white fat is your worst enemy. This is the fat accumulated around the stomach. The holidays normally don’t equal consistent workout routines and, unfortunately, the lack of exercise results in excessive white fat on our body.

Not to mention that the current lockdowns and delicious Christmas treats aren’t exactly helping either ...

Fortunately, converting white fat into brown fat is possible with the right supplements. You can get rid of belly fat with 6Pack Accelerator! It can help you reduce your stomach fat by up to a whopping 50%*!!

Toxins and excess water in our body

Another problem that is standing in the way between you and a sculpted body is an overburdened lymphatic system. Excess water is blocking the possibility of losing weight.

The solution is simple: get rid of the excess water that makes us look fatter than we actually are, and flush out some toxins while at it. Both can be achieved with Turbo Fix - even within days, thanks to its enhanced formula!!

Get all 3 in a bundle - 60-Day Total Shred Bundle

*Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.

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