Nootropic, the new magic kid on the block! 

Is it just us or does it happen to you too every now and then that there are days when you just can’t seem to get anything done? 


You’re staring at a blank file, no words are coming to you. But you must see all 10+ new Instagram fitness clips.  

You’re driving to work as if on autopilot, singing along your favourite tune, only to realise you’ve missed your intersection or exit. Maybe you even forgot where you were going!

Focus, focus, focus!

You’re not alone. Many people’s focus is downright non-existent. You know you need to get stuff done but for some reason, you just can’t concentrate, your energy levels are low, your brain seems to be foggy and, worryingly, you can’t recall what you had for dinner on Monday.

Fret not: you’ll be just fine. 

With the right supplements, you’ll restore your brain power, boost your performance and start living your best life in no time! 

How would you like 6 hours of elevated alertness?

You’ll thank us later for introducing you to Peak Power - a nootropic performance booster - and for letting you come as close to unlocking your potential as superheroes you see in the movies.

It’s for people like you and I. 

With over 15 years of expertise and 150,000 happy customers across Europe, we wanted to develop a product that tackles the demands of a modern lifestyle – and we did!

It’s for baby parents. For dog parents. For the IT crowd. For the truckers crowd. 

For those of you finishing your MSc and those of you starting your A&E night shift. 

For those of you who don’t see results despite efforts and those who get distracted easily (look, a squirrel!). 

For those of us who want to gain an edge and start living our best lives with a unique, scientifically proven mix of ingredients.

With PowGen Peak Power, we’ve got this! 

How does Peak Power Work?

PowGen’s Peak Power nootropic brain supplement helps increase your focus and prolong your endurance. This scientifically developed drink takes pride in immediate and prolonged effect that supports your stamina and cognitive performance. 

To tackle the tasks at hand with optimal efficiency, improve mental clarity and enhance your attention span, our ultimate nootropic brain booster keeps your mind alert so you avoid exercise-related injuries, it improves your reaction time so you process information faster (hello, bigger business opportunities!) and it amplifies your willpower so you reach your goals, any goals, faster. 

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