Piperine – the solution against excess weight

Nowadays, the persistent problem of both women and men is always the same: how to lose those unnecessary kilos that decrease self-confidence. But now, scientists have discovered a very effective active ingredient which can help us fight against excess weight and that annoying fat belly. Are you wondering what it is? Keep reading.


Piperine – an amazing ingredient

Perhaps unknown to many, but we are sure you have already dealt with piperine. Why? This active substance is found in the very common black pepper and is responsible for its pungent flavour. But not only that.

Excellent natural thermogenic supplement

Piperine has unparalleled properties. Not only does it have diuretic and antioxidant action, but it is mainly used for its slimming properties. 

Discover all the benefits of piperine here:

  • It has a thermogenic effect that helps burn the adipose layers localised in certain areas of the body, such as the abdominal area.

  • Accelerates diuresis, thus decreasing water retention and promoting the elimination of toxins that hinder metabolism.

  • Facilitates digestive function, improving intestinal absorption of food and other substances, also accelerating intestinal transit times.

Goodbye, excess weight!

Losing weight has never been easier. Introducing 6Pack Accelerator, a natural food supplement that will make you lose weight in the blink of an eye. PowGen's bestseller doesn't only contains piperine, which in addition to the benefits mentioned above, also increases the absorption and effectiveness of the other ingredients by at least 30%. It also contains:

  • Sicilian blood orange extract, which prevents the accumulation of fats;
  • cayenne pepper extract, which, thanks to its thermogenic effect, burns fat but does not irritate the stomach, and
  • green tea, which raises body temperature by promoting the burning of adipose layers.

The incredible 6Pack Accelerator fat burner, with its 2-in-1 function, will not only help in the fight against excess weight and eliminate abdominal fat but will also help prevent new fat from forming.

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