How L-carnitine started Andrea’s weight loss journey and helped her tone her body

Imagine... In a month you lose 3 kg, and 4 cm around your waist. And then it only gets better! Check Andreas amazing success in her FAST body transformation.


You know that feeling when a wave of determination goes through your body and you feel like THIS TIME I will succeed? Andrea from Croatia felt like that a couple of months ago.

Start exercising, tone her body, and start feeling better – physically and mentally – that is all she wanted.

The difference between just doing and really making it count

Even though Andrea decided she will exercise, she wanted to get the most of each training. She browsed the internet for best workout fat burners and on she has found what she has been looking for – L-carnitine.

L-carnitine Max Power improves endurance, protects lean muscle mass, boosts muscle recovery, and – what is so awesome about it – draws energy from fat. The more you push, the more you burn.

Andrea used it so she could workout with full force and shred her body as fast as possible..

"After little less than a month, I could not only see first results but FEEL them as well!” Andrea remembers. “With daily workouts and L-carnitine Max Power, I’ve lost 3 kg and 4 cm from my waist.”*

And then she decided, to go all in...

To L-carnitine Max Power she added 2 products that were created for FAST weight loss results:

  • Turbo Fix reduces water retention by up to 27% and visibly refines silhouette in a matter of days.*

  • Ultimate BCAA 2:1:1 allowed her body to recover from daily workouts faster and made sure she is not depleting her muscles despite caloric deficit she was creating with this active lifestyle. (PS. Did you know this is a MUST if you would like to prevent yo-yo effect?)

It worked like a charm!

"Before starting with Powgen, I weighed 74 kg and now, after two months, I weigh 67 kg, and I’m very satisfied with the transformation”*

7 kg in 2 months would be a great result for anybody but taking into consideration Andrea lost just fat and at the same time INCREASED her lean muscle mass, this result is amazing!*

With more lean muscle mass, metabolism is automatically higher which helps sustaining weight loss results and make body look leaner and healthier.

What is most admirable in Andrea’s efforts though, is that she pushed hard when life felt hard. And what’s better way to find your inner strength than moving your body and pushing the limits!

"With Powgen supplements there is no tension in the muscles after training, no pain. The results are more than visible, and I am more and more satisfied because I have risen despite life's problems.”


*[Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important]