Bianca: "I was often weak, tired and was lacking energy."

Bianca, 47, a self-employed trainer in the beauty industry and a coach, describes her body type as slim but complains about problems in the abdominal area - when she gains weight it shows in her belly first and she has enormous difficulties getting rid of it.

Does that sound familiar?


You’re not alone.

In fact, Bianca, like many of us, used to be content up until the age of 40, when she started noticing changes in her body weight and shape. "Despite working out for up to 10 hours a day due to my job, I still often felt weak, tired and lacked energy."

"I’m more of a natural-products type"

Fortunately, Bianca stumbled upon PowGen when searching for keto products online. The attractive website made a good first impression was, according to Bianca, followed by equally convincing natural ingredients: "The product descriptions are very well structured, the information is very detailed."

Amazing results during the first* week! 

Bianca decided to give the Keto Drink, 6pack Accelerator, TurboFix, X-Treme Burner and Food Buster a try and achieved great results in the very first* week! 

In fact, Bianca noticed the first changes on her first* day trying Keto Drink: "My metabolism received an obvious boost." Thanks to adding the other products two days later, she now reports that she has a lot more energy and has lost a lot of weight.

"I now have the energy to spend 8 hours driving when on vacation and I don’t experience fatigue."

What’s more, Bianca is happy to report that her waist circumference has been reduced, her stomach is flatter and her body is retaining less water.

It was Turbo Fix that helped Bianca flush out excess water, instantly sculpting her body and boosting the main fat-burning organ - the liver. 

1 drink a day keeps bloating away!

Just 1 raspberry-flavoured drink per day eliminates swelling and bloating and keeps your electrolyte balance intact.

"I went down one clothing size and I notice I have a stronger focus as a consequence of having more energy."

The popular product that has helped Bianca improve her mental performance and boost energy levels was the MCT Keto Drink which takes pride in having one of the highest concentrations of MCT oil in powder form on the market (75%).

MCT coconut powder rapidly converts into brain-boosting, fat-burning ketone energy and helps you achieve and maintain ketosis faster. Burning fat instead of glucose can help with increased energy levels and a sharper mind. 

Lose fat in the belly area!

Studies also showed that people using MCT products lost more fat, especially in the belly area, compared to those using olive oil. Unfortunately, MCT oil does not occur naturally, but you're in luck because PowGen’s is sourced from pure coconut and is easy to digest. 

"I am a lot more productive now."

A lot has changed for Bianca - for the better! She is more productive at work and no longer lacks the energy even after her demanding physical daily routine.

Reach out for PowGen’s MCT Keto Drink and Turbo Fix Water Drainer for two great companions that will support you in your endeavours to improve your well-being and body shape. Nothing but natural ingredients and enough energy to take on any challenges coming your way!

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.