Mehdi: "Thanks to these products and exercise, I managed to lose 14* kg!"

Mehdi started jogging over a year ago but says he immediately found himself struggling with his energy levels and motivation.


He quickly realised he needed some help... Luckily, he found PowGen food supplements!

Before embarking on his weight-loss journey, Mehdi struggled with his weight and self-esteem.

"I felt really self-conscious, especially at the swimming pool or when I wore fitted clothes."

"I had a big shock one day when I put on a pair of jeans that I couldn't button up all the way. I had to leave the top button unbuttoned and hide it with a belt. This was the event that made me steadfast in my decision to transform my body. I started by introducing daily exercise to my routine," he says.

Sadly, he quickly realised how difficult it was to stick to daily exercise and knew he needed some help.

That's when he discovered the products that changed his life

"I soon realised I needed supplements that would help me manage my weight and, of course, help me lose weight faster. I started searching online and discovered PowGen. I looked at the reviews and then saw a nice promotional offer that convinced me to try it."

The products became his constant companions...

"I've been using 6Pack Accelerator regularly. I normally use it for 2 months, take a month off and then resume taking it."

"I also use Night Buster in the evenings, among other things, it helps me cleanse my liver."

With these supplements and daily exercise, Mehdi managed to lose 14* kg.

"Thanks to these products, I'm down 2* clothing sizes, and went from 89* to 75* kg!"

Mehdi's complete transformation

"The most important change I've noticed is that I have more energy, which allows me to concentrate and keeps my motivation up! Secondly, I noticed I'm less hungry, have less of an appetite and my digestion is better."

"I managed to regain my confidence, I feel much better about my body. Recently, I even switched up my entire wardrobe so my clothes would better reflect my transformation. It was a very joyous and proud moment!"

Mehdi used 6Pack Accelerator and Night Buster!

Advantages of 6Pack Accelerator:

  • Ideal for anyone looking for a natural fat burner
  • Stimulates brown adipose tissue to burn more fat
  • 50*% less belly fat
  • 7* cm smaller waist
  • It burns body fat from the inside out
  • Made from natural ingredients

Advantages of Night Buster:

  • Keeps our main fat burner, the liver, in top shape
  • Stops evening hunger pangs
  • Maximises night-time fat burning
  • Recharges energy during sleep
  • Made from natural ingredients

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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