Rob: “My weight dropped from 84* kg to 65* kg!”

Rob is a busy deputy headteacher. “As a parent of a beautiful 11-year-old girl and a very active 7-year-old boy, I have very limited time for myself and since I turned 40, the weight has slowly begun to creep in.


“I have never been happy with my body!”

Rob says he’s always been overweight, but his weight increased as he got older.“I’ve managed to lose weight, but never keep it off.His struggle with weight has taken a toll on his confidence: I have never been happy with my body. I struggled to take my top off when taking my kids swimming or on holiday!”

“It worked brilliantly, so I kept ordering!”

Rob first came upon PowGen online. The customer reviews, ingredients and price of the products convinced him to give our products a try.It worked brilliantly, so I kept ordering, and started using Turbo Fix water drainer every morning.”

Turbo Fix – slimming boost for your whole body!

Turbo Fix is perfect for people who want to achieve visible results fast. This ultimate body-sculpting drink will help you get rid of excess water and get visible weight-loss results. Thanks to its natural ingredients like hibiscus, it reduces bloating by up to 60%* within a week and boosts weight loss by up to 2.5* times! 

With just one drink a day you will quickly notice the sculpting effects, kickstart your slimming efforts, fortify the liver and eliminate toxins from your body.

I feel happy, confident, younger and fitter!”

“I started noticing the change within 2-3 weeks,” Rob says. He has observed many improvements. “I sleep better and feel less tired. My mood has improved and I have fewer cravings. My skin looks better!”

But most importantly, the Turbo Fix helped him shed those extra kilos. “The most significant change I’ve noticed is the weight loss.” Thanks to PowGen, he feels much better about his body now. “I feel happy, confident, younger and fitter!”

My weight went down from 84 kg* to 65 kg*!”

Rob is really impressed with his results. “Mwaist circumference was reduced from 91 cm* to 76 cm*My weight dropped from 84 kg* to 65 kg*! My body fat also dropped dramatically, and I can almost see my Adonis belt!”

Want to become the next success story?

Give your own weight-loss journey an immediate boost with this powerful drainer today: flush out excess water, reduce bloating and make those muscles pop! Try Turbo Fix today

*Results may vary from person to person. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important when it comes to weight loss.

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