PowGen products changed Tea's life for the better

Meet Tea, an active 27-year-old with a very busy life. Aside from being a Reception Manager at a 4-star hotel, she’s also a licenced personal trainer who spends lots of her time at the gym. To stay on top of her game, she needed all the support she could get. When she tried PowGen products, she was blown away!

Read on to hear her story.


Long hours at work followed by intense training sessions at the gym. How does she do it? Tea admits it wasn’t always a piece of cake.

“As I spend a lot of time at work, it’s difficult for me to get the number of nutrients I need to be able to train at maximum strength.” And this often resulted in a lack of energy and motivation, even slowed regeneration.

A friend encouraged her to give PowGen a go. A close look at the products and ingredients – and she was sold. “Great product composition convinced me into trying them out first-hand.”

"Ultimate BCAA and Essential Creatine made all the difference"

“I noticed a big difference after just a few days. Thanks to Ultimate BCAA and Essential Creatine, I had more energy and strength during training, and my muscles regenerated faster. So I was really able to take my workouts to the max.”

She was so impressed by the effect they had on her body that she still takes them a year after – with incredible results!

"6 rigorous training sessions a week? Easy peasy!"

“The results are particularly evident in improved performance, increased explosiveness, and accelerated regeneration. I train up to 6x a week and consuming PowGen products helps me so much!”

“They greatly reduce fatigue during exercise and muscle soreness after. Not to mention they’ve also helped me lose fat, increase muscle mass and improve definition,” she explains, enthusiastically.

"’Tired’ is no longer in my dictionary"

Since she’s started taking Ultimate BCAA and Essential Creatine, her whole life improved, not just her workouts.

“I have more energy, not only for my training sessions but also at work. After a hard day at work and a rigorous workout at the gym, I still have enough energy left for my social life. The words ‘tired’ and ‘exhausted’ are no longer in my dictionary.”

What makes Ultimate BCAA and Essential Creatine so effective?

Ultimate BCAA 2:1:1 provides the optimal ratio of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) that help you make your workouts as effective as possible by:

  • Increasing muscle regeneration,
  • Speeding up muscle growth,
  • Increasing physical performance, and
  • Reducing fatigue and soreness after exercise.

Similarly, Essential Creatine helps power up your workouts and get stronger faster by:

  • Increasing muscle energy and growth,
  • Improving exercise performance, and
  • Boosting brain function.

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