How much do you know about the ketogenic diet? Are you a keto pro? Or have you only heard bits and pieces here and there? Regardless, let’s start at the very beginning.


What is ketosis?

In short, ketosis is a metabolic state where your body’s energy supply comes from ketones (small fuel molecules), as opposed to glucose, which is the usual deal. During this state, your body’s ability to break down fats is boosted.

During that time, your liver is producing ketones that supply energy to your brain as well. Basically, you could say it makes your body run on fat instead of glucose. Sounds like a dream!

How do I get there?

One way to reach ketosis is by fasting – not eating anything. But we’d all agree that’s not a very sustainable diet.

A proper keto diet often severely limit carbohydrates – as low as 5% of total calories. So that’s the first deep cut you need to make. But if not carbs, what?

Some calories on a keto diet come from protein, but the majority come from fat. Yes, fat. You can forget everything you’ve learned about keeping it low-fat if you want to lose weight.

The diet itself is based on seafood, low-carb veggies (cauliflower, kale, spinach, broccoli...), avocado, cheese, meat, eggs, olive oil, plain Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, butter, nuts and seeds and of course, the heavyweight, coconut oil.

Why coconut oil?

Coconut oil contains fats called medium-chain triglycerides (we’ll call them MCTs from now on). They can be used with great effect to induce ketosis, even without restricting carbs as drastically as the classic keto diet. MCTs don’t get stored as fat, they are immediately available to your muscles and brain as ketones.

Unfortunately, pure MCT oil does not exist in nature. The good news? It can be extracted and purified from natural oils (such as coconut oil).

Having them in your diet can boost your fat-burning, speed up metabolism, improve your gut health and brain function and, most importantly, keep you feeling full longer (appetite control) as well as improve your endurance and stamina.


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