Two vials a day to keep excess fat at bay

Do you already have plans for the summer, are you thinking of relaxing on the beach with your favourite cocktail in hand, or maybe eating some grilled sausages at your barbecue party? Of course, you do, it's all part of any good summer!


We all badly need this summer and our favourite cravings that go with it. What we also really need is to stay or get fit in spite of delicious summer desserts. We've worked hard to get our bodies in shape, and it shouldn't be in vain!

But how is it possible to have both, and how can you avoid piling on the pounds?

The PowGen team's recommendation is simple: two vials a day will keep your excess fat at bay.

Introducing the PowGen bundle for summer 2021!

Easy Burn Shots

Our new 10-day summer vial pack is ideal for anyone looking for a powerful thermo-burner against body fat or a dietary supplement that stops fat storage.

To sum up, it will help you block the formation of new fat cells and sweat out some of your body's fat reserves.  

We're sure you'll love Easy Burn Shots! Whether on rest days or training days, these red berry flavoured vials, with only 8 kcal, work like a charm!

Thanks to 2000 mg of L-carnitine, Garcinia cambogia, and green tea extract, your metabolism will get a super boost - and so will your summer! 

TurboFix Shots

Do you know what is most important when you want to get rid of the extra pounds? Reduced water retention. By accelerating water drainage by 3.5* times, TurboFix shots reduce water retention and kick-start weightloss. 

This lemon-flavoured diuretic, containing potent natural ingredients, will help you look slimmer and fit into your favourite clothes even after a barbecue party with friends. It will help you feel less bloated, more detoxified and control your summer cravings.

Your must-have duo this summer

Effective, tasty and super convenient, the PowGen Summer 2021 pack is not to be missed. Take your fat-burning efforts and your desire to get fit this summer to the max. 

Whether you're training or relaxing on the beach, you can carry these vials in your pocket so you always have them to hand. 

Yes, these handy vials help you even when you're on holiday!

*Disclaimer: Product effects may vary between individuals and may differ from those described on the website.