Quick guide to vitamins & minerals: men’s edition

Research shows that men aren’t meeting their daily vitamin & mineral needs – in fact, they’re missing out on some crucial ones! A daily intake of key nutrients in high enough doses is vital for overall health and vitality. Read on to learn if you’re getting yours– and what you can do if you aren’t.


Each body is different, which means everyone has different nutritional needs. They usually depend on your genetics, place of living, food availability and lifestyle in general – the levels of exercise you get and stress you’re exposed to both play a part, as do smoking, alcohol intake and even caffeine consumption.Yet parallels can be drawn between men in general.

These nutrients have been shown to be crucial for men

While many of the above factors may result in higher needs of specific nutrients for you particularly, some vitamins and minerals have shown to be vital for overall health and well-being of men in general. Here are the ones every man should pay special attention to.

Vitamin C 

One of the most well-known vitamins, vitamin C can support your immune system, help with your natural collagen production (great for your skin, teeth, and bones), promote iron absorption (great for oxygen delivery to the working muscle), help reduce tiredness, and so much more!  

Vitamin B12 

B12 improves your energy levels (people with a B12 deficiency often feel tired), supports the nervous system and contributes to your mental performance (good for focus, problem-solving, and memory) and emotional well-being.

Vitamin D

Aside from boosting your immunity, higher levels of vitamin D can also support weight loss! Directly, vitamin D works by reducing new fat formation & preventing fat accumulation, while keeping the muscles strong and nourished. Indirectly, high vitamin D levels can boost the levels of serotonin (“the happy hormone”) – which can play a crucial role in appetite suppression – and have been linked to increased testosterone (think boosted fat burning).

Vitamin K 

Did you know most healthy adults in the Western world have low vitamin K2 levels? Yet, vitamin K2 is super important for normal blood clotting and strong bones. It works by transporting calcium through your blood and helping to bind it to your bones (instead of letting it stick to your artery walls).


This essential mineral plays a crucial role in your body. Among other things, magnesium helps you feel less tired, supports your muscle function (can be super useful against muscle cramps) and nervous system, plays a crucial role in the process of cell division (think regeneration) and even contributes to normal electrolyte balance (crucial for after workout!). 


Iron is vital for the normal formation of blood cells and haemoglobin. It also helps transport oxygen through the body (good for muscles), reduce tiredness and fatigue (to help you stay energetic throughout the day), strengthen your immune system and even support your cognitive function (great for problem-solving, memory and focus).


As you probably know, omega-3s are nutrients that help your body function normally. They help support heart function, and maintain normal brain function and vision. An absolute no-brainer, right?

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