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The ultimate e-book for faster weight loss and free access to a 4-week video exercise programme!

Weight-loss trio for men

Effortless Weight Loss in 20 Days

Receive a 20-day supply

Discover the easiest way to lose weight in just 20 days, with our 24-hour weight loss support system! Shape your body, improve your definition and lose excess weight without even breaking a sweat. 

  • Kicks your metabolism into high gear 
  • Gets rid of excess water and bloating 
  • Boosts fat burning – day and night 
  • Reduces evening hunger pangs 
  • Improves your sleep 
  • Improves your muscle definition 
  • Supports your liver – the main fat burning organ 

Contents: 1x Effortless Weight Loss in 20 Days 100 capsules/20 days

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24/7 support to shape your body and get lean 

The ultimate bundle to boost weight loss in the morning, afternoon and even when you sleep 

5 reasons why your body is out of shape 

  • You have a slow metabolism  

  • You're retaining water 

  • You have a sedentary job 

  • You're not active enough 

  • You can't control your hunger 

The easiest way to lose weight in just 20 days! 

While we can't help you with the "too much beer" problem, we CAN help you burn more fat and get rid of excess water.

So, if you're over the whole "soft and round" phase of your life, and you have 20 days before your summer vacation, this is the perfect time to start your transformation

How do we get you there? 

3 of our best-selling all-natural weight-loss supplements that we’ve combined in this bundle are the easiest way to lose weight despite a less active lifestyle. 


Get your body to burn calories and fat even while you’re sleeping, or sitting behind a desk. Our bundle will help you turn your body into a fat-burning machine


You can lose a whole bunch of weight simply by helping your body get rid of excess water that’s building up in your tissues. As a bonus, you’ll look more toned & defined


Stabilise your blood sugar throughout the day, take control of your appetite (and eat only what you know is good for you) and get rid of those annoying evening cravings


Toxin build-up can cause your body to store more fat and hold on to excess water. By detoxing, you won’t just feel better, you’ll help your weight-loss goals as well.  


By increasing thermogenesis during the day and night, you’ll be burning fat ‘round the clock. Your body will be able to use your fat stores as an energy source. 

Who is this bundle for? 

This bundle is perfect for people who really want to lose weight, but: 

  • lack motivation & energy

  • don’t have enough time to go to the gym

  • have a sitting or standing job

  • cave into late-night cravings

  • want an all-natural solution

What this bundle contains


2x 10 sachets for 20 days

The fastest-acting natural water drainer that: 

  • gives your body a definition boost,
  • helps you lose excess water weight,  
  • reduces bloating,  
  • boosts your body’s natural detoxification and  
  • improves your electrolyte balance.  

With patented ingredients VinOgrape™, CactiNea™ and Fibregum™ as well as other natural ingredients like nettle, dandelion, java tea, cleavers, artichoke and magnesium. 

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60 capsules for 20 days

X-Treme Burner capsules are a thermogenic fat burner, designed to: 

  • boost metabolism,  
  • reduce fat storage,  
  • boost energy levels and  
  • decrease appetite

With superstar natural ingredients like L-carnitine, L-tyrosine, caffeine, Garcinia extract, B-complex, cayenne pepper and chromium 

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2x 10 sachets for 20 days

Our lime-flavoured bedtime drink is the ultimate night-time fat burner that: 

  • improves your sleep,  
  • suppresses fat accumulation,  
  • reduces appetite and  
  • helps your liver regenerate.  

With carob root, chicory root, lemon balm, choline, Garcinia cambogia, and vitamins C and B6. 

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Packaging and ingredients

Why does this bundle work so well? 

Although each of the products included in this bundle is a superstar on its own, together they give your body 24/7 support for fast, easy and effective weight loss

MORNING: Start your day by expelling toxins & excess water with 1 sachet of Definition Drink. 

DURING THE DAY: Take 1 X-Treme Burner capsule three times a day before a meal to keep your body in the fat-burning mode. 

NIGHT: End your day with a Night Buster drink to continue burning fat while you sleep and prevent you from waking up hungry in the middle of the night. 



Definition Drink, 1 sachet with 500 ml of water 

Night Buster, 1 sachet with 250 ml of water 


X-Treme Burner, 1 capsule before a meal 

X-Treme Burner, 1 capsule before a meal 

X-Treme Burner, 1 capsule before a meal