*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.


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Powerful fat-burning bundle

Bye-Bye Fat Bundle

Receive a 30-day supply

Burn fat and shape your physique with this targeted fat-burning bundle that brings visible results fast!

  • Burn fat for energy
  • Reduce stomach size by up to 50*%
  • Reduce waist size by up to 7.5* cm
  • Reduce water retention & improve muscle definition
  • Prevent fat storage
  • Block calories from carbs
  • Increase your sports performance by reducing fatigue

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Contents: 1x Bye-Bye Fat Bundle 60 units/30 days

Sufficient for 30 days

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Boost fat burning & shape your body

These powerful supplements will help you sculpt your physique faster

Bye-Bye Fat Bundle is perfect for you if you're trying to:

  • burn fat faster

  • reduce stomach and waist size

  • flush out excess water & toxins

  • make your muscles more visible

  • boost your energy levels

  • suppress your appetite

  • increase your motivation

Lose fat and get lean faster

Take fat burning to the next level with this super effective combo

Your next go-to fat-loss programme for impressive results

Crank up your fat-burning potential and fast-track your body transformation. Bye-Bye Fat Bundle can help you:

Increase fat burning

Thanks to the thermogenic effect, it helps you burn fat even while resting.

Reduce stomach & waist size

A study** on overweight volunteers resulted in a significant reduction in the size of the stomach and waist.

Improve muscle definition

Eliminate excess water and make your muscles more visible.

Boost energy levels

Burn fat for energy and feel energetic throughout the day.

Curb appetite

Crush hunger & cravings to fast-track your weight-loss progress.

Flush out excess water & kickstart weight loss with Definition Drink

Definition Drink is the fastest-acting natural body-sculpting drink on the market! It reduces water retention, flushing out excess water and toxins that are trapped in your body. With all this waste out of the way, your body can finally start burning fat effectively.

Since it delivers visible results fast, it also increases your motivation and helps you stay on track with your body-shaping goals.

Burn fat faster with 6Pack Accelerator

6Pack Accelerator is a science-based fat burner which targets abdominal fat. Its strong fat-burning action will boost your metabolism and help you shed fat, especially around the stomach.

It works by stimulating brown fat tissue, which is responsible for thermogenesis (the burning of fat through heat production). A study** on overweight volunteers taking Morosil® – the star ingredient in 6Pack Accelerator – showed impressive results: it reduced stomach fat by up to 50*% and waist size by up to 7.5* cm.

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat, or to cure any disease or serious illness.

Crank up the heat & take fat burning to the next level with Quick Burn

Quick Burn will help you burn even more fat. On top of that, it will suppress your appetite and cravings. This is super important, since they may emerge in an even stronger form, when your body starts losing fat and thinks you’re in a state of emergency, prompting you to eat more.

Support your training efforts with L-Carnitine Power Shots

L-carnitine shots are the perfect addition to the bundle, since they can help you prolong the fat-burning time. Just take them before your workouts, they’ll make it much easier for you to define your body.

The ultimate bundle for efficient fat loss

Revs up your metabolism & stimulates thermogenesis

Increases fat burning

Reduces water retention and bloating

Improves muscle definition

Suppresses appetite & cravings

Boosts your energy levels

Increases motivation

Promotes fat loss

Helps prevent fat storage

Blocks calories from carbs

1-10Definition Drink6Pack Accelerator//
11-20/6Pack AcceleratorQuick Burn/
21 - 30/6Pack Accelerator/L-Carnitine Power shots (just make sure not to take them too late in the evening)

How to use:

Definition Drink

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

During the morning

6Pack Accelerator

30 capsules | Receive a 30-day supply

1 capsule

After a meal

L-Carnitine Power Shots

10 vials | Receive a 10-day supply

1 vial

Preferably in the morning

Quick Burn

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

After a meal


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