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The ultimate e-book for faster weight loss and free access to a 4-week video exercise programme!

Mct Keto Drink Trio & Keto E-BOOK

Receive a 30-day supply

  • With 75% MCT load – highest on the market!
  • No palm oil, just coconut
  • Maintains and boosts ketosis
  • With added choline, magnesium and multivitamins

MCT coconut powder rapidly converts into brain-boosting, fat-burning ketone energy and helps you achieve and maintain ketosis faster.


Contents: 1x Mct Keto Drink Trio & Keto E-BOOK 30 bags/30 days

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Support your keto progress!

Switch from using glucose for energy to using fat for energy

Burn your fat reserves faster

MCT Keto Drink is for you if:

  • your weight loss progress is too slow

  • you're feeling low on energy during your transition to ketosis

  • you've just started keto and are struggling with the so-called “keto flu”

  • you're having trouble controlling your appetite

  • you're not on a keto diet but still want to burn fat and boost your energy levels

Switch to ketosis faster and more efficiently

Boost fat burning, achieve & maintain ketosis faster and improve mental preformance!

Fuel your body the keto way

MCT Keto Drink will:

Burn more fat

Burn fat reserves faster and reduce your body weight.

Support ketosis

Reduce "keto flu" symptoms and transition into ketosis faster.

Boost energy levels

Feel more energised.

Improve mental performance

Boost your focus and mental performance.

How it works

Medium-chain triglycerides (or MCTs) are shorter in length than the majority of fats we eat. They are more easily digested and absorbed. This is why our body preferentially uses them for energy instead of storing them as body fat.

We added yerba mate tea with caffeine that will boost your metabolism, make you feel more energised and help you lose more weight.

Magnesium helps your muscles to regenerate, supports your electrolyte balance and reduces tiredness.

Vitamin C helps fight fatigue, strengthens your immune system and protects from oxidative stress.

Keto in a nutshell

Let's put it simply.

Ketosis is a state where your body burns fat instead of glucose for fuel. If you’re following a keto diet (hardly any carbohydrates), your body doesn’t have access to glucose. The liver then converts fatty acids into ketones. This also happens after long, intense exercise or long periods of fasting.

Now you can switch to ketosis faster and more efficiently with Keto Drink– it will provide your body with MCTs that will convert to ketones. Ketones are basically small energy molecules that fuel your muscles and brain.

Why coconut MCT

Coconut contains a special type of fats: MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). When you eat (or drink) them, they are not preferentially stored in your body the same way as most other fats we consume (long chain triglycerides).

Since MCTs don’t need the enzyme lipase, bile or the amino acid L-carnitine to be utilised, they are absorbed quickly and then used as fuel (in the form of ketones). They serve as an energy source for your brain and muscles.

High-quality MCT

Although some foods contain a certain percentage of MCTs, pure MCT oil does not occur naturally. Sourced from pure coconut, Keto Drink contains one of the highest concentrations of MCT in powder form on the market (75%). Each drink has 7.5 g of pure MCT! If you’ve had a bad experience with MCT oil (upset stomach), you can give MCT powder a try – it tends to be easier to digest.

MCT coconut powder rapidly converts into brain-boosting, fat-burning ketone energy and helps you achieve and maintain ketosis faster. Remember, the ketones' main function is to fuel your body in the absence of sugar (glucose).

Clinically backed results

A study compared people taking olive oil to people taking MCT. After 16 weeks, the MCT oil group:

  • lost 2.2x more weight

  • lost more fat – especially in the trunk area

  • reduced intra-abdominal fat – fat that wraps around your abdominal organs

1St-Onge MP, Bosarge A. Weight-loss diet that includes consumption of medium-chain triacylglycerol oil leads to a greater rate of weight and fat mass loss than does olive oil. Am J Clin Nutr. 2008;87(3):621-626. doi:10.1093/ajcn/87.3.621

Nutrient packed formula

Active ingredients

MCT Keto Drink
Packaging (1 unit)10 sachets
Daily dose1 sachet
Net weight (1 unit)130.5 g

Ingredientsin 1 sachet%NRV*
Coconut oil Medium chain triglycerides7500 mg**
Green (Yerba) mate leaf extract400 mg**
- Caffeine80 mg**
Vitamin C160 mg200
Magnesium150 mg40

*NRV = nutrient reference value | ** = nutrient reference value not available

Food supplement, 10 sachets for 10 days

How to use

The recommended daily intake is 1 sachet.

1 sachet

During the morning

INGREDIENTS (in 1 sachet)

MCT coconut powder [liquid coconut oil (75%), soluble corn fiber, sodium caseinate (from milk), sunflower lecithin, silicon dioxide] (coconut oil medium chain triglycerides 7500 mg), carrier: acacia gum, magnesium citrate anhydrous (magnesium 150 mg – 40% NRV*), pineapple fruit juice concentrate powder, green mate leaf extract with 20% caffeine 400 mg (caffeine 80 mg), natural pineapple flavor, natural coconut milk flavor, anti-caking agent: rice fiber, sodium L-ascorbate (vitamin C 160 mg – 200% NRV*), sweetener: sucralose.

*NRV = nutrient reference values

Contains allergens: milk (sodium caseinate)


Recommended daily intake is 1 sachet. Dissolve it by stirring vigorously in 250 ml of water. Stir thoroughly to dissolve any lumps. Drink it during the morning.


The recommended daily amount or dose should not be exceeded. The dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

The colour, flavour and smell of the product may vary slightly from batch to batch due to natural variations in the properties of active ingredients. These variations have no impact on the overall quality and efficacy of the product.


If you are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients of this product or use medication consult your doctor before use. Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women (caffeine content: 80 mg/1 sachet).


Keep out of the reach of children! Store in a dark and dry place at temperatures below 25° C.