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Brain boosters drink and capsule


Receive a 30-day supply

Perform at your peak with the ultimate 2-in-1 brain boosters bundle. A ready-to-mix nootropic drink + omega-3 capsule duo that: 

  • Boosts long-term memory   
  • Increases cognitive performance (thinking, memory, learning) 
  • Maintains peak energy levels throughout the day 
  • Made of naturally sourced ingredients 
  • Offers super-strength omega-3 fish oil – 1000 mg per capsule   
  • Includes 180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA per capsule  
  • Promotes oxidative stress protection with added vitamin E 

Contents: 1x PowGen BRAIN POWER Bundle 67 units/30 days

Sufficient for 30 days

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Brain boosters duo – the 2-in-1 supplement combo that improves long-term cognitive function 

A powerful nootropic drink and omega-3 capsules made to support brain and heart health 

PowGen BRAIN POWER bundle is beneficial if you: 

  • lack energy and concentration on most days 

  • find it difficult to maintain alertness and focus  

  • want to boost your brain and heart functions 

  • don't get enough omega-3 in your diet   

Feeling tired and unfocused? Take control and hit reset

Give your brain a dynamic boost and take on the day with confidence 

Access your brain’s fullest potential and reach your personal best in life

Packed with active all-natural ingredients to help you up your game and boost brain power!

Whether your goal is to boost career prospects, improve self-development or smash those fitness goals, PowGen BRAIN POWER bundle gives your mind the edge it needs so you can always perform at your peak. Work smarter, not harder with this effective brain boosters duo.  

Increases energy and concentration levels

Achieve laser-sharp focus and boost mental clarity  

Reduces cognitive fatigue while supporting heart function

Stay ahead of the competition and perform at optimal efficiency  

Enhances receptiveness for learning and processing information

Gain fresh perspective, seize new opportunities and achieve heightened cognitive awareness with powerful mind-and-body-boosting ingredients 

Why choose PowGen BRAIN POWER bundle?

Level up your busy lifestyle with this tasty nootropic drink + omega-3 capsules, and support your most important muscle - the brain.  

An easy-to-take plant-based supplement, PowGen Peak Power is a lemon-flavoured drink that’s ready to mix with water. Power Omega-3 are a super-strength fish oil capsules recommended for its purity and potency.  

Together they are the ultimate duo, made to promote laser-sharp focus and boost mental clarity. Also, expect to reap benefits such as increased energy levels and heart health support with the capsule’s high dosage of pure omega-3 fish oil. A daily duo that’s suitable for long-term use - in and out of the gym!    

Peak Power

7 sachets | Receive a 7-day supply

1 sachet

After a meal

Power Omega-3 

60 capsules | Receive a 30-day supply

2 capsules

After a meal