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The ultimate e-book for faster weight loss and free access to a 4-week video exercise programme!

20-Day Slimming Day & Night

Receive a 20-day supply

The perfect combination of products that will help you lose weight in no time: fight water retention, bloating and cellulite and burn fat overnight!

  • 2 slimming bestsellers in 1 bundle: our customers' favourite natural drainage drink and a delicious night-time fat burner.
  • Perfect for fast weight loss: cleanses the body of toxins and eliminates excess fluid.
  • Reduces swelling by up to 60%* and limits the appearance of cellulite.
  • Stimulates fat burning during the night.
  • Helps you sleep better and keep your appetite under control during the evening.

Contents: 1x 20-Day Slimming Day & Night 30 bags/20 days

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Slimming down quickly is not impossible with the right approach!

Do you REALLY want to lose weight, but you're lacking in energy and motivation because you just can't see concrete results, despite all your efforts and goodwill?

Then you should definitely not miss out on this package, because it has been created especially for all women in the same situation as you! 20-Day Slimming is the ideal solution for quickly getting rid of the first extra kilos and preparing your body for the next steps on your slimming journey.

20-Day Slimming programme:

  • for quick and easy weight loss

  • activates the lymphatic system

  • optimises fat burning

  • eliminates unwanted substances: toxins, fat deposits and water retention, but keeps muscles intact

Fast slimming 24 hours a day

The 20-Day Slimming Programme contains two bestselling slimming products:

- Our daytime draining drink - Turbo Fix - helps eliminate water retention,toxins and bloating which results in fast and visible slimming results.

- Our night-time fat-burning drink - Night Buster - blocks evening hunger and burns fat while you sleep.

Using it for 20 days will finally give you the results you desire. During the day you will eliminate toxins and excess water, while in the evening you can finally resist unhealthy snacks and get a satisfying night's rest, waking up in the morning with a flatter tummy.

Lose weight quickly and easily

Reduce water retention and bloating

Increases fat burning and accelerates weight loss

Block evening hunger pangs and suppress your appetite

Sculpt your physique quickly

Sometimes our body needs a little help

You probably didn't know this, but: the more toxins you have in your body, the more fat will be stored to remove them and protect your health!

If you are struggling with excess weight for a long time, the problem may lie with your liver and a sluggish lymphatic system. It is not difficult to explain this phenomenon.

Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxins found in food, bottled drinks, air, and even in the products we use daily (shower gel, shampoo, etc.). Even though the liver and lymphatic system work hard to cleanse the body, they are easily overwhelmed.

This is why it is necessary to help the body eliminate toxins and finally see the progress we have always wanted.

Daytime slimming with Turbo Fix

A powerful raspberry drainage drink that eliminates excess fluids and toxins!

Increases weight loss by 2.5* times

Eliminates up to 27%* of excess water with fast and visible results

Reduces bloating by up to 60%*

Eliminates excess water weight without losing muscle mass

Optimises fat burning while supporting your liver

A pack contains 10 sachets for 10 delicious, sugar-free raspberry drinks (18 kcal per serving)

*Disclaimer: Product effects may vary from person to person and may differ from those stated on the website.  Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness.

 Nighttime slimming with Night Buster

A delicious night-time fat-burning drink with lime that contains NO stimulants!

Maximises fat burning while you sleep

Keeps evening hunger under control

Improves digestion

Improves sleep quality

*Disclaimer: Product effects may vary from person to person and may differ from those stated on the website.  Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness.

Is this bundle right for you?

20-Day Slimming (Day & Night) is suitable for you if:

  • Your weight continues to increase, especially around the waistline

  • You want a product that helps you burn fat but does not contain caffeine

  • No diet seems to work

  • Can't resist hunger pangs in the evening

  • You have swelling problems (face, legs, ankles and fingers)

  • You suffer from sleep disorders

  • You often wake up tired

How to use:

1-101 sachet of Turbo Fix dissolved in 0.5 L of water1 sachet of Night Buster dissolved in 200 - 300 mL of water
11-201 sachet of Turbo Fix dissolved in 0.5 L of water/

Turbo Fix Water Drainer

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

During the morning

Night Buster

10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

In the evening