Lifting straps 60 cm, 1 pair

Boost your training with the lifting straps for greater performance and more power

Contents: 1x Lifting straps 60 cm, 1 pair 1 unit/ days

Lifting straps 60 cm, 1 pair

Boost your training with the lifting straps for greater performance and more power

Contents: 1x Lifting straps 60 cm, 1 pair 1 unit/ days

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Want to get the most out of your training? Want to lift more weight, get stronger and build more muscle?

Boost your training with GYMGEARS lifting straps for greater performance and more power during all pull exercises with heavy weights, such as lifting dead weights, doing pull-ups and barbell rowing.

GREATER PERFORMANCE & MORE POWER - use the GYMGEARS lifting straps to lift more weight, achieve new personal bests and build more muscle! The lifting straps have been competitively tested and were developed in collaboration with successful professional bodybuilders.

MAXIMUM STABILITY & SUPPORT - by taking the strain off your lower arms, you save valuable effort to achieving the very best from your training! The combination of a special material mix and double-seam technology gives you greater peace of mind when lifting dead weights, rowing, doing pull-ups, doing pull-down exercises etc.

FLEXIBILITY & COMFORT - the extra thick cushioning on the hand joint eliminates unpleasant pressure points and painful injuries! A simple clip fastening and a length of 60 cm make the straps quick to fit and guarantee the perfect grip for each and every repeat.

PREMIUM QUALITY - high-quality materials and outstanding finishing ensure durability and reliability for power training! Breathable and pleasant on the skin, and all without any unpleasant, chemical smells.

GYMGEARS | powered by XTRAZE - professional bodybuilding and fitness accessories for your training. Perfectly suited to all common types of power training, such as bodybuilding, cross fit, power lifting, Olympic weight lifting, fitness training, calisthenics, bodyweight training, strongman, freeletics and much more.

Product characteristics

  • 1 pair (2 lifting straps) of GYMGEARS lifting straps in the colour of your choice
  • One size fits all: Standard size - suitable for men and women
  • Size: 60 cm x 4 cm
  • Material: 90% cotton, 5% nylon, 5% neoprene cushioning
  • Can be hand-washed

Attention: The packaging is not a toy! Please keep well away from babies and small children. Risk of suffocation!



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