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Active Zinc Bisglycinate High Strength, 180 vegan tablets

180 tablets | Receive a 180-day supply

All-round mineral for the immune system, bones, vision, skin, hair, and nails.

Contents: 1x Active Zinc Bisglycinate High Strength, 180 vegan tablets 180 tablets/180 days

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Active Zinc Bisglycinate High Strength, 180 vegan tablets for 1 year of continuous supply

Zinc is a component of many processes in the body. From metabolism and cell division to skin, hair and nails – zinc plays an important role everywhere. Zinc is one of the essential trace elements, which means it is vital for human beings.

Active Zinc Bisglycinate High Strength overview

  • Benefits: Many different processes in the body benefit from zinc.

  • For vegans/vegetarians: Zinc is mainly found in animal foodstuffs. If you want to abstain from animal products, dietary supplements can be helpful to cover the daily zinc requirement.

  • One half a day is enough: The package contains 180 tablets, which results in a continuous supply of approximately one year.

  • High bioavailability: Forgoing the release agent magnesium stearate.

  • Without unnecessary additives: What you do not need is not included in the tablets.

Active Zinc Bisglycinate High Strength dosage & effects

Zinc is one of the essential trace elements, which means it is vital for humans and cannot be produced by the body itself. Neither is zinc stored in the body. It must be regularly supplied with food to prevent deficiency.

Due to the natural occurrence in mainly animal foods, vegetarians and vegans are often at risk of zinc deficiency. However, zinc deficiency can also occur with an unbalanced diet or in extreme life situations.

Zinc helps to preserve normal bones, skin, hair and nails. Normal vision is also maintained by consuming the minimum amount of zinc. Zinc can also help to protect the cells from oxidative stress. Zinc also contributes to normal cognitive function, fertility and reproduction.

We rarely read about zinc's ability to contribute to normal acid-base metabolism. The latter is just as important as normal testosterone levels in the blood or the normal functioning of the immune system.

The dosage is half a tablet per day (25mg). There is a predetermined breaking point at which the tablet can be divided.

Active Zinc Bisglycinate High Strength production

If you are considering buying dietary supplements, you must pay attention to the quality: Free of unnecessary additives and as bioavailable as possible. The zinc tablets are free of sprays, artificial fertilizers, allergens, gluten, lactose and the release agent magnesium stearate.

The HACCP concept of manufacturing in Germany ensures high quality. And thanks to the use of microcrystalline cellulose (without nanoparticles) instead of magnesium stearate (release agent), it is also highly bioavailable! Naturally vegan.

Vitamaze | Amazing life

A healthy and balanced diet is not always easy for us in our everyday lives. A supplement to your daily diet will help you to achieve your peak form every day and, thus, achieve your personal goals.

For many years, Vitamaze has stood for health, balance, and well-being. Thousands of customers place their trust in the quality of Vitamaze every year so that today we can offer a wide range of products at an excellent price-performance ratio.

In close cooperation with scientists and experts, we are constantly expanding our wide range of dietary supplements. High-quality raw materials and the best ingredients guarantee a high level of compatibility. By deliberately abstaining from the release agent magnesium stearate, we ensure that the body absorbs and processes the active ingredients quickly and effectively. The strict Vitamaze guidelines also guarantee the highest quality – made in Germany – controlled according to the preventive HACCP concept. Of course, all our products are free of harmful additives, gluten, lactose and other allergens.

Whether for fitness, health, performance, or well-being – we offer you professional products that can systematically contribute to the natural preservation of numerous bodily functions.

Active ingredients

Active Zinc Bisglycinate High Strength tablets
Packaging (1 unit)180 tablets
Daily dose1/2 tablet
Net weight (1 unit)126 g

Ingredientsin 1/2 tablet*%NRV**
Zinc25 mg250

* Recommended daily dose
** Percentage of reference quantity according to regulation (EU) no. 1169/2011 (LMIV) per daily dose

How to use

Take 1/2 tablet daily with enough water.

1/2 tablet

Once per day


Bulking Agent (Microcrystalline Cellulose), Zinc Bisglycinate, Modified Starch


Take 1/2 tablet daily with enough water.


The recommended dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for children and minors. Store the product unopened, cool, dry and out of reach of children.

Best before end / Lot number: see bottom.


  • Produced in Germany according to the official HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). It stands for hazard analysis and serves to ensure the hygienic safety of food.

  • Registered with the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

  • Unrestricted marketability confirmed by an independent inspector.