*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.


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Stomach fat burner bundle

Fire Abs bundle

Receive a 40-day supply

Targeted stomach fat burner combo to help you lose abdominal fat & get those insane abs faster!

  • Fights water retention to kickstart weight loss 
  • Increases fat burning & prevents fat storage 
  • Improves metabolism 
  • Blocks calories from carbs 
  • Reduces cravings & suppresses appetite 

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Contents: 1x Fire Abs bundle 40 units/40 days

Sufficient for 40 days

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Sculpt your six-pack the smart way

Boost your fat burning with our powerful stomach fat burners

Is stomach fat bringing you down? No more!

Have you ever seen someone's sculpted physique & thought to yourself, “Wow, those abs are fire”? With the help of this bundle, getting a set of those is easier than ever! It may be exactly what you’re looking for if you:

  • have trouble losing weight

  • have that last bit of stomach fat that you want to lose

  • often feel bloated or swollen

  • commonly succumb to cravings

  • have a weak spot for carbs

  • struggle with a slow metabolism

Get fire abs with a little help from science

The combination of Quick Burn & 6Pack Accelerator may be just what you need for targeted fat burning

Less work, more results!

Getting your abs to show usually requires some hard work. But our busy lives don’t always allow for it. That’s where the Fire Abs bundle comes in – to boost your weight-loss efforts and deliver better results faster.

Flush out excess water

Stimulate your lymphatic system to eliminate excess water and toxins that may be hindering your weight loss.

Boost your metabolism & fat burning

This will help you maximise the effects of your workouts. Thanks to the thermogenic action, it helps you burn fat even during rest. 

Block fat storage

This powerful combo can help prevent the enlargement of fat cells & stop fat from sticking to your stomach.

Suppress cravings and hunger

Regular pantry raids can quickly result in consuming more calories than we burn. Curb your hunger to prevent overeating & keep your calories in check.

Block calories from carbs

Reduce the absorption of carb calories to enjoy your fave pizza guilt-free. 

Get those abs to show with Fire Abs bundle

The ultimate combo of stomach fat burners for maximum body-shaping results

Amazing weight-loss results, just a click away

Flush out excess water & toxins

Boost the metabolism

Kickstart weight loss

Increase fat burning

Prevent fat storage

Curb cravings & appetite

Block carb calories

Quick Burn

Kickstart fat loss with Quick Burn

Support your weight loss from every angle with this powerful 5-in-1 fat-burning drink for maximum results:

  • flushes out excess water & toxins to kickstart weight loss
  • increases the metabolism & fat burning, especially around the stomach
  • blocks fat storage
  • reduces cravings & curbs appetite
  • prevents carb calories from absorbing into your body

Quick Burn ingredients

6Pack Accelerator

Torch through stomach fat with 6Pack Accelerator

Supercharge your fat burning efforts and get the six-pack you’ve always wanted:

  • helps lose up to 50*% of stomach fat
  • reduces waist size by up to 7* cm
  • prevents fat storage
  • gets rid of excess weight faster
  • 30*% stronger action compared to similar products

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. 

6Pack Accelerator ingredients

How to use:

DaysAfter a meal
1-101 sachet of Quick Burn
11-401 capsule of 6Pack Accelerator


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