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The ultimate e-book for faster weight loss and free access to a 4-week video exercise programme!

TurboFix 1+1 FREE + Shaker

Dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in 1 litre of water and drink it in the morning for a sculpted look that will make your muscles more visible!

  • Eliminates excess water from the body
  • Awakens the lymphatic system - eliminates toxins from the body
  • Gets rid of swelling and bloating
  • Instant slimming effect thanks to new ingredients
  • Keeps your electrolyte balance intact

Contents: 1x TurboFix 1+1 FREE + Shaker 0 none/20 days

Sufficient for 20 days

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Excess water is killing your weight loss efforts! It pools in your stomach, face and limbs. It keeps you looking round even if you lose all the fat. Our Turbo Fix drink is the fastest, easiest and safest way to solve that problem.


Are you after fast results? Rigorously tested and maximally dosed, Turbo Fix is the fix you need. It guarantees a reduction in stomach size and annihilates bloating within days! Get an all-around turbo-boost for your body – especially the liver. Our users saw some seriously-stunning results!

Turbo Fix users eliminated 27% of excess water!* No soft-rounded edges and a liver ready for anything – all that in a matter of days!


I recently changed my liftstyle by eating more healthily and doing more physical activity. I wanted fast results, so I chose Turbo Fix to lose weight and transform my body. I noticed the first results very quickly. I eliminated a lot of excess water and reduced swelling.

My experience with Powgen has been very positive. My self-esteem is much higher and I'm not afraid to look in the mirror anymore. I get compliments from friends and family every day!

- Matt


Just 1 drink per day will flush out your water weight, instantly sculpt your body and boost your main fat-burning organ – the liver.

Fast sculpting effect

Kick-starts weight loss

Fortifies the liver

Eliminates toxins


A team of top experts in the field have tested and combined the latest scientific breakthroughs with age-old methods proven to eliminate excess water – and to do it fast!

With extracts of only the most powerful herbs and plants, well known for their water relieving properties, like prickly pear, hibiscus, parsley, sarsaparilla, artichoke and more!


Turbo Fix comes in powdered form, packed in sachets for your convenience. Mix the sachet with 1 litre of water and drink throughout the morning for 10 consecutive days. Natural raspberry flavour.


Each ingredient is on a special mission! But they all have a common goal: to rapidly and safely relieve you of water weight and sculpt your body.

Turbo Fix

Dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in 1 liter of water and drink it in the morning for a sculpted look that will make your muscles more visible!

  • Eliminates excess water from the body

  • Awakens the lymphatic system - eliminates toxins from the body

  • Gets rid of swelling and bloating

  • Instant slimming effect thanks to new ingredients

  • Keeps your electrolyte balance intact

Turbo Fix ingredients:

PowGen Shaker

4-piece shaker bottle for perfectly mixed protein shakes or meal replacements anytime and anywhere

  • 500 ml capacity – great for vigorous workouts and use on the go

  • With a snap-on concave-shaped strainer for smooth & lump-free shakes

  • 100% leak-proof

  • Made from top-quality BPA-free plastic – durable and safe for long-term use

  • Doubles as a reusable water bottle

How to use:

Turbo Fix Water Drainer IMPROVED

1 sachet

During the morning