MCTs: used for boosting energy for over 60 years

MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides, have been in use for over 60 years. It is, however, only in recent years that they started gaining popularity among people looking to naturally boost satiety, increase energy levels and improve cognitive abilities.


MCTs occupy a special place among fats because they don't behave like other fats do: because they're smaller compounds, we can digest them more easily and are available to our bodies to use for energy more quickly. Unlike other fat, the body doesn't store MCTs but uses them up immediately.

MCTs were first isolated for usage in powder form and later in the more practical oil form.

We consume minimum amounts of MCTs through diet

There is very little chance of consuming enough MCTs through a normal diet unless we frequently eat regular or coconut butter, goat's milk, ghee... We also need to consider the fact that no food contains only MCTs, but rather a mixture of various fats, with regular fats in the majority - the kind of fat that's digested and converted into energy with greater difficulty.

Immediately available energy

Because MCTs are converted to energy very quickly, they are amazing for boosting concentration and focus. It is true that glucose (sugar) is the main fuel for the brain, but the problem is that relying on carbs or sugar for immediate energy has several drawbacks.

The energy we get from sugar is used up quickly and the following drop is perceived by us as tiredness or irritability. The body responds by wanting to eat again, perceived by us by uncontrollable hunger. This traps us in a vicious circle of sugar and fat cravings.

MCTs help us avoid all of this: when we feel a lack of energy, it's better to supply our body with fuel that's available quickly and boosts energy for a prolonged period of time.

MCTs are highly ketogenic, which means they quickly convert to ketones and help raise keto levels in the bloodstream. Ketones are an alternative fuel for the body, especially for the brain, which is the organ that uses the most energy and it can utilise ketones instead of glucose.

MCTs - the perfect option for anyone lacking energy

MCTs are a welcome addition to every diet, particularly for people looking for an immediate energy boost and increased focus without the sharp drop. And don't worry, it's not fattening!

Keto Drink - a superior form of powdered MCT oil

Keto Drink was created to offer the best form of MCT oil, value-added MCT. In addition to MCT oil powder, it also contains:

  • 13 essential vitamins - vitamin deficiencies can cause tiredness
  • magnesium, an essential element in the production of the body's basic unit of energy, ATP
  • yerba mate, which speeds up the metabolism and helps keep the mind sharp
  • choline, which strengthens the liver, our main fat-burning organ


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