How Virgilio amped up his results with PowGen: “I look better at 38 than I did at 28!”

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Stefan: “I’ve gone from 106* kg to 96* kg almost without effort”

The Summer Drinks Bundle from PowGen helped Stefan lose 10* kg and unlock a healthier and more energised version of himself. Here’s how he did it!

Rob: “My weight dropped from 84* kg to 65* kg!”

Rob is a busy deputy headteacher. “As a parent of a beautiful 11-year-old girl and a very active 7-year-old boy, I have very limited time for myself and since I turned 40, the weight has slowly begun to creep in.”

Matteo: "Before, I was overweight. Now, everyone's looking at me."

In addition to his job at a car dealership, Matteo likes to spend his free time exercising and trying to sculpt his body. But it wasn't always like this...

Tomáš: "I'm completely satisfied with the products!"

Tomáš first encountered PowGen products on Facebook and he was convinced by the reviews. He decided to give it a try and is very satisfied with the results. Read his story!

Bianca: "I was often weak, tired and was lacking energy."

Bianca, 47, a self-employed trainer in the beauty industry and a coach, describes her body type as slim, but complains about problems in the abdominal zone - it’s the belly area where she gains weight first and faces enormous difficulties losing it.