Your worst enemy? Liquid calories!

If we want to get back in shape and feel good about ourselves, then it's time we take a closer look at our diet – both the food and drinks we consume. We often ignore the latter, but liquid calories are easy to consume and can rack up a lot of calories in a short time. 


No progress with weight loss?

You’re exercising and keeping an eye on your diet, but your weight seems to have hit a plateau? One of the reasons might be liquid calories. Keeping that in mind, you should evaluate the liquid calories you might be unknowingly consuming.

When counting calories, most people think of food, not drinks. And as a result, we don’t think twice about having a drink (because, well, hydration is important) – one that might actually be filled with hundreds of calories.

Liquid calories are neatly packed

Sure, sugar-sweetened beverages are a no-brainer. But there are quite a few other drinks that contain those empty calories and can cause weight gain – and you’re probably not paying attention to them.

Fruit juice sounds like a healthy choice, but unless it’s freshly squeezed and straight from an orange (and even then, it contains natural sugars!), it’s probably packed with sugar. And so are some protein shakes and energy drinks that we are all happily adding to our diets to maximise our results. While effective, they may rack up a lot of calories, so don’t forget to include them in your calorie count.

Guilty pleasures

When following a meal plan or training schedule or even just doing our best to avoid too much sugar in our diet, we might be in need of some simple joys in life more than ever. But don’t forget about the hidden calories there.

One cup of coffee with one sugar and whole milk could be overlooked, but forget about three a day – your calorie count could be off by a couple of hundred calories. The same goes for that beer you drink on a weekend night out with your friends.

Win the battle with liquid calories and get that chiselled body

Liquid calories may be just what’s keeping you from getting that chiselled body, so make sure to keep them in mind. Hydration is important – but stick to water or tea. If water sounds too boring, add some fresh fruits or herbs for some flavour.

But don’t worry; we know it can be hard to stick to your diet 100% of the time. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate bundle to help you on the way.

PowGen’s 3-step Slimming Drinks Bundle was developed to help you reach your body goals faster and includes three of our bestsellers: TurboFix, Easy Burn and Night Buster. This powerful combination of daytime and nighttime drinks will help you:

  • kick-start weight loss or break through a weight loss plateau,
  • boost fat burning during the day and at night while keeping your muscles intact,
  • increase your body’s reliance on fat for fuel,
  • crush evening cravings to reduce the risk of late-night snacking slip-ups,
  • flush out excess water, detoxify your body and reduce bloating – to make those abs more visible!

What better way to accelerate fat burning and sculpting your body than with tasty functional drinks great for hydration and fat burning without making your calorie count go through the roof! Grab the Slimming Drinks Bundle while supplies last.

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