Most common New Year’s resolution? - “I want to get fit!”

The holidays are over! For a few weeks, we enjoyed ourselves and ate delicious food without worrying about weight gain.


A recent study polled 1102 people on their resolutions for 2020. 473 of them mentioned a healthier diet and weight loss. When asked about what kind of diets interested them most, they responded as follows:

  • 27.7% - low-carbohydrate diet
  • 26.9% - diet based on caloric restriction
  • 16.9% - ketogenic diet
  • 15.9% - diet based on reducing fat consumption
  • 12.6% - others

The same study also consulted dietitians about which diet they think is most effective. Their answer was: “Well, it depends…”

What do the experts say?

Low-carb diet

Carbohydrates have a bad reputation since they tend to have very little nutritional value and can be found in unhealthy food.

Reducing carb consumption can be beneficial for weight loss, but we shouldn’t neglect the healthy carbs that you can get from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These play an essential role in weight loss. You should, however, avoid sweets, sugary drinks and white flour.

Caloric restriction

Reducing the amount of calories consumed can play an important role in weight loss, but don’t forget to take into account that not all calories are the same - there is a difference between eating a cake and eating a meal based on quality protein, even though both can have the same amount of calories. Experts don't recommend obsessive counting of calories.

The keto diet

The ketogenic diet has become very popular in recent years. The focus is on the consumption of food that’s high in fat and low in carbohydrates. It can be very effective, but scientists do not recommend dieting in this way for a prolonged period of time

Low Fat Diet

Not all fats are harmful! They can provide energy and contribute to the proper absorption of certain nutrients. Experts recommend keeping consumption of saturated fats low and replacing them with healthier, unsaturated fats - found in nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado, etc.


Regardless of the method you choose, dietitians do not recommend extreme dieting, starving yourself or depriving yourself of nutrients. Healthy weight loss can be achieved through wise food choices, hydration and physical activity.

Clinical studies also show that a clogged lymphatic system can make losing weight impossible! You can improve the functionality of your lymph by eliminating excess water and toxins from the organism.


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