“With Muscle Up Pack I gain muscle mass much faster!”

Stefan Hadalin is a professional alpine ski racer. He won the silver medal at the Alpine World Ski Championship in 2019. In any sport, professional athletes have to be passionate and willing to give up small indulgences. Still, the difference between winning and losing is often in the details. One of them is proper nutrition.


“I’m always looking for ways to improve my performance,” says Stefan. That’s why, even during his rare days off, he goes for bike rides, but he’s also tried acrobatics, kayaking and climbing.

“Nutritional supplements play an important role in physical conditioning”

Nutritional supplements can help professional athletes achieve top results. Training as a professional is extremely challenging for the body from a physical point of view. That’s why professional athletes have a greater need for essential nutrients. Nutritional supplements can also help in extreme conditions, such as altitude training.

At higher altitudes, muscle breakdown is accelerated. That’s why it’s necessary to adjust the diet during altitude training and make sure that athletes consume all the important nutrients that affect muscle building. This is where BCAA amino acids become indispensable.

“Altitude training during the summer and winter leaves me exhausted, which is where I find BCAAs help a lot. They’re also essential for maintaining muscle mass, which is where incredibly important when competing.”

“Regeneration after training is crucial”

The “slalom kamikaze” as he’s been nicknamed, has been using our Muscle Up Pack for a few months now. “During the week, I often train twice daily. This pack is an essential helper during training and regeneration.”

Stefan explains, that L-Carnitine, BCAA amino acids and Creatine Monohydrate help his muscles regenerate faster: “It helps me gain muscle mass faster and decreases the loss of muscle mass during altitude training. I feel less tired, more energetic and training seems easier - which makes my progress better.”

“I really trust PowGen products”

Stefan uses a combination of three products, which have become indispensable in his training process. He finds the products easy to use and they help improve his endurance and make it easier to maintain muscle mass. “Every season I discover something new, which in the end turns out to be a step in the right direction. I trust the PowGen line of products and find that they have just the products I need.”

\"Muscle Up Pack helps me prepare for competitions. Feeling regenerated and well-rested before a race is crucial. Altitude training is important, but so is maintaining muscle mass and these products make that much easier.\"