Eat more frequently to lose more weight

How many times a day do you sit down and have a proper meal? Mind you, quick snacks while rushing from one meeting to the next don’t count. 

We all know the secret to successful weight loss is reducing our calorie intake. But how to effectively reduce that number without putting our bodies through prolonged periods of hunger


Pitfalls of traditional 3 meals per day

Not only do long gaps between meals cause hunger and frustration, but they can also cause your body to start storing fat, conserving calories and burning muscle instead of fat. Long gaps can also lead to low energy, sluggish metabolism andtrouble concentrating.

Good news – you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to see your stomach shrink. Many nutritionists recommend increasing the number of meals but making them smaller.  

Increase meal frequency – the smart way

Keeping your metabolism in high gear helps keep blood sugar levels high, which prevents hunger and craving spikes and makes it far easier to wait until our next meal. And when your body is feeling reassured with a regular intake of calories and nutrients, it doesn’t feel the need to store body fat.  

Of course, calorie intake is really important. Keeping meal sizes the same and increasing their number will lead to weight gain, but if you reduce their size, you will lose weight faster, while the number of meals will help carry you over to the next meal. 


Last meal of the day – at least 3 hours before sleep

Frequent small meals throughout the day, starting with a higher-calorie breakfast, can also help you avoid late-night hunger attacks. The later you eat, the less your body is prepared for nighttime rest. Eating late at night leads to weight-gain risk as metabolism slows down during the night. It can also affect your food choices and cause sleep disruptions

Resist night-time snacks and burn more fat with Night Buster!

This is why it’s extra important to shut down those evening snack urges. To help you prevent them and make sure you wake up fully charged, we present Night Buster, our powerful and refreshing lime drink. It will suppress your appetite, making it easier for you to resist those evening cravings. 

Even better, Night Buster will regenerate your liver, the main fat-burning organ, helping you intensify your night-time fat burning. Its herbal extracts will help you calm down and relax to make sure you get deep restorative sleep and wake up on top of your game!

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