9 surprising reasons why you’re not losing weight

Have you tried and failed to lose weight more times than you can count? We’ve all been there. Getting that lean body is hard. Especially when you’re doing everything right and your scale just won’t budge. But are you really doing everything right? Learn 9 reasons why you may not be losing weight and how to shed those extra pounds once and for all.


1. You’re not getting enough protein

Foods rich in protein can greatly boost your metabolism, making your body burn more fat. On top of that, they can also suppress cravings, which (surprise, surprise!) decreases your risk of succumbing to them. No more late-night fridge raids!

2. You’re not getting enough sleep

Many studies have shown that there’s a strong link between sleep and weight loss. While you sleep, your body draws on fat stores – so the longer and better you sleep, the more fat you can burn. The goal is to sleep for at least 7 hours per night.

3. Your diet is low in good fats

As demonised as fat has been over the years, not all of it is bad. Incorporating good fats into your diet (think avocados, MCT oils, olive oil, nuts, and nut butters) can actually help reduce hunger and turn calories into energy instead of having them stick to your stomach.

4. You’re not drinking enough water

Drinking enough water will help prevent you from confusing thirst with hunger, reduce your calorie intake, and may even increase the number of calories you burn. Most people need between 2 (women) and 3 litres (men) a day – keep a water bottle handy to make sure you hit the recommended intake.

5. You’re not eating enough fibre

Fibre helps slow down your digestion and keep your sugar levels balanced. This way, it helps you feel fuller for longer, without adding many calories to your meals. Consider including some beans, peas and other legumes, wholegrains and high-fibre fruits like raspberries, pears, apples, and bananas.

6. You eat while distracted

Sitting down to a dinner while watching your favourite TV show may actually be making you eat more. Ged rid of the distractions and try eating more mindfully. Slow down, chew and savour each bite of your food, paying attention to how it tastes, smells and feels. Listen to your body and stop eating when you start to feel full.

7. You’re overdoing it with alcohol

Alcohol is very high in calories. While a glass here and there seems to be fine, heavy drinking has been linked to weight gain – not what you want if you’re trying to lean up.

8. You’re drinking your calories

Sugary drinks are the enemy of weight loss. While high in calories, they don’t take any more space in your stomach than regular water does, so they don’t actually make you feel fuller. Same volume, but with so many more calories. The list includes anything from alcohol to sodas and juices, so consider keeping all these to a minimum.

9. You’re overly stressed

In times of stress, a quick, processed and indulgent snack seems way more appealing than a balanced meal. The problem is that it can also contain so many more calories. You can’t prevent yourself from being exposed to stressful situations, but you can make sure to get enough exercise, sleep, and self-care to be able to cope with it in a healthy way.

So, the bad part is that there’s a lot to pay attention to when trying to lose weight. But the good part is that knowing is half the battle – and now that you do, you can finally fix it. We’ve got just what you need to help speed it along.

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