Stefan: “I’ve gone from 106* kg to 96* kg almost without effort”

As a dad of three, Stefan lacked both the time and the tools to lose weight and sculpt his body. He no longer felt like his old self and decided it was time to take action...


Thanks to our Summer Drinks Bundle, Stefan lost 10* kg and unlocked a healthier and more energised version of himself – with practically no effort. Want to know how? Let’s hear from the man himself!

“My body was affecting my mood and self-esteem”

Back in the day, Stefan used to be happy with his body. “I was muscular, but not overly so, I slept better and didn't snore,” he says. In his free time, he loved to get in some miles on the bike. Then life happened.

“My lifestyle changed when I had my third child,” says Stefan. Not only was a knee injury preventing him from cycling and running, he also had a lot less time for sports. Instead, he formed a new habit, in the form of “nervous, impulsive, uncontrolled snacking,” which soon left its mark on both body and mind.

“My biggest problem was the swelling of my belly and the so-called love handles,” says Stefan. “It affected my mood and self-esteem,” he adds.

“In 30* days, I lost weight and reduced the size of my belly without having to force myself”

A simple online search marked the start of Stefan’s transformation. “I decided to try PowGen’s products because of the natural ingredients and the fact that I automatically have to drink water with them, which helps with my water intake.” He opted for the Summer Drinks Bundle and got results in no time!

“I started to notice a difference after about 10 to 15 days. I felt less tired, more focused, less hungry, more fit and my legs felt less achy,” he says. “In 30 days, I lost weight and reduced the size of my belly without having to force myself. I was less bloated, felt more energetic and got a better night's sleep.”

“I've gone down 2* clothing sizes”

It’s been over a year since Stefan first discovered PowGen, and he’s still loving the products. “I use them every day [...] I’ve gone from 106* kg to 96* kg almost without effort,” he says. “My snacking makes it difficult to lose weight and sculpt my body the way I’d like to, but PowGen products have helped me a lot.”


“The most noticeable areas of improvement are my digestion, sleep and stamina,” says Stefan. “As my waist has shrunk, I’ve gone down 2* clothing sizes,” he adds. And although there’s still work to be done, he’s thrilled with the results!

A happier, healthier and fitter dad: benefits way beyond weight loss.

For Stefan, the benefits go way beyond weight loss. For example, using the products made him stop drinking alcohol. “I’m still trying to quit smoking, but the alcohol is gone because the taste of these products makes me not want to drink even a glass of alcohol any more,” he says.

“I drink a lot more water and have a healthier lifestyle, I think. I get less breathless when I walk up the stairs, and I feel revived and positive.” “I feel better about my body and my state of mind, and I have the motivation to achieve my goals.”

Stefan’s newfound energy also allows him to be more active as a father. “I get less tired when I do sports with my kids,” he says. Proof that the ‘dad bod’ is well and truly gone, if you ask us!

PowGen – your gateway to a fitter body and healthier habits

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*Results may vary from person to person. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important when it comes to weight loss.

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