Your worst enemy? Liquid calories!

We often ignore them, but liquid calories are easy to consume and rack up a lot of calories in a short period of time. If you're exercising and watching what you eat, but your weight loss has hit a plateau - liquid calories could be to blame.

5 tricks for a fat-free tummy

Summer is fast approaching, and it's the perfect time to get rid of belly fat and get back in shape! Discover our 5 tricks to have a fat-free tummy before summer and boost your progress with our Slim & Define Bundle.

Matteo: "Before, I was overweight. Now, everyone's looking at me."

In addition to his job at a car dealership, Matteo likes to spend his free time exercising and trying to sculpt his body. But it wasn't always like this...

Tomáš: "I'm completely satisfied with the products!"

Tomáš first encountered PowGen products on Facebook and he was convinced by the reviews. He decided to give it a try and is very satisfied with the results. Read his story!

Intense fat burning with very little physical activity? It's possible!

Want to lose weight and sculpt the body? Physical activity is always a great idea because increasing muscle mass means burning more calories. However, many of us struggle with a lack of time and would love a shortcut - a quick workout that provides the sa

Delicious summer fat-burning drinks

Summer is here and there is little time left to get back into shape. Unfortunately, those excess kilos won't go away unless you work out a plan of action to lose them - and fast!